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After working in blue-chip corporations and witnessing a lot of spin-offs, lay-offs and re-structuring, he decided he had to take more control of his family’s financial destiny. Everyone in Corporate America eventually has an expiration date.

In trying to sell his family's first home, he was approached by some folks who wanted to rent it and like any good MBA he crunched the numbers and got back to them with a rent price and they accepted. During that process he learned that he had the mindset and temperament to be a landlord and entrepreneur, so he decided to take the plunge into real estate investing.


After some initial success with a single family home which was producing net income of $400/month, he did the math and identified it would take more than a decade to achieve financial independence. So he did some soul-searching into his competitive advantage to find his niche and how he could achieve financial independence faster.

His skillset is not in carpentry, plumbing, etc. so he could not fix houses up himself and he doesn’t have the time to go “driving for dollars” because he has a demanding corporate job. He does excel in relating to bankers, lawyers, investors and building and managing a team, so he identified the niche he should focus on is multifamily buildings. Specifically, the buildings that were too big for local real estate investors to go after but not on the radar of larger institutional investors. When he got his first apartment building (a 20 unit), he applied the business fundamentals he learned in 11+ years in Corporate America paired with guidance from top mentors and a self-directed real estate education to get top tier results.


He wants to thank his mentors and education from BiggerPockets Podcasts, Real Estate Meetups and several books which were instrumental in his success.

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15 minutes of your day is your first investment. Give us a call!

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Questions? We are more than happy to answer any doubt you may have.

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